MAssive eating

What up guys. I just started the Massive eating diet last week, but I’m and upping the calories because I kinda started a little low just to get a feel for it… I didn’t gain a pound, which is what I was expecting.
Now I’m and going to up my cals to about 300 or 400 and see where I stand at the end of the week. I want to gain at the most a 1-1.5 a week… The only problem I am having is the fat meals. Any suggestions for good fat meals… right now two of them are coming from a protein shake and flaxseed, the other on comes from either chicken and veggies and some nuts or a steak, but unfortunately I’m not much of a beef eater… But I do eat the hell out of chicken. Then only problem is that I have quit a tight schedule, I go to school in the morning, come home, train, and then go to work. Most of meals are pre-prepared a day or two in advance…any sugestions…Another question. Is it better if the fat meals are in succession or should they be spread out through out the day? I usually eat about 7 times a day, and one of the fat meals is usually around 10 am and the other two are at like 7:30 PM and a shake and flax when I get home formwork at around 11. Would it be better if the 3 fat meals where the last three meal I ate?

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Sped, I’m confused about what you call “fat meals.” Flaxseed (I hope you mean flax oil) in a shake doesn’ comprise much fat; in my case, it’s merely garnish. Put a tablespoon of flax oil into each of your shakes; cook your eggs in butter (use some yolks); eat organic peanut butter; consume regular cottage cheese; eat nuts. It doesn’t really matter which of your meals are fat/protein, as opposed to the protein/carb meals, as long as one of the fat meals isn’t immediately post-workout. To directly answer one of your questions, definitely consume fat in your breakfast meal, which to my mind should include carbs/protein/carbs all together.