Massive Eating

On the subject of Massive Eating, I understand that nutrient partitioning is important. Protein+Carb and Protein+Fat meal plans are in, but never Carb+Fat. What isn’t clear is if we can mix Protein+Carb and Protein+Fat meals in the same meal plan for the same day. If Protein+Carb and Protein+Fat meals are seperated by two to three hours, can we have them in the same day? Thanks.

from what i understand, the answer is yes. based on a six meal a day plan, you should have 2-3 C+P meals along with 3-4 P+F meals.

what i dont understand is how you get all of your calories in a day if youre only allowed 3 carb meals… i have to have 4 to get all my carbs in… i also have to have 8 meals

Yes, you may. John Berardi suggests that your first three meals of the day be of the carb + protein variety, and your final two or three meals be protein + fat. When dieting it’s even more important to get the carbs in early in the day. Now, that having been said, if you train in the evening I’d suggest some carbs in your pre-workout meal, and of course in your post-workout shake.
And just to scold you for a moment, I think this point has been very clear in John’s articles and many posts on the forum. Re-read his articles and study them carefully before undertaking his Massive Eating plan. Let me assure you it works, I’m utilizing it with great success.

just do the math outlined in the article and it will tell you how you’re supposed to get all the calories in. also, six meals is the MINIMUM suggested. you could bump that up to 8 total meals.