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Massive Eating

How many of you fellows are trying out the massive eating program? After three days progessively working up in calories I’m up to 4000. I started the Nandrosol/Androsol stack Sunday so I’m hoping to put on a few pounds.

I’m trying my best to get my calories and protein up to what’s required, but damn, all this eating is killing me! My mouth is tired of chewing… I know, shakes should help… hey its tough but if it works I won’t complain. On it for just a few days now.

Yeah its tough as hell getting those calories in. My actual number was 4240 calories a day but I’m sticking with 4000 for a little while. Which macronutrient ratio are you doing now?

Hey guys,

Been on massive eating for 1 week now… i use nandrosol for 1st week and just started to use androsol 2 days ago because the nandrosol sprayer clogged up. I add a few pounds already. My arms are getting bigger. Not sure if it’s fat or muscle though. I am doing the 30/40/30 ratio at 3500 cals. I am still waiting for the insulin test results since my pharmacy does not carry glucose solution needed for the glucose tolerance test. Basically, i have a fasting blood sugar at about 97 mg/dL which is normal insulin and NOT excellent insulin sensitivity.
All my lifts are up this 10 days. HOwever, my abs are not getting smaller… i don’t know about this.
Hey, a support group on massive eating will be great…