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Massive Eating


Hello everyone, well I discovered this website two months ago and now Im hooked! I read all the post and articles on a daily basis. I've been lifting for 3-4 yrs, nothing serious, but now I'm turning it into high gear. I want to get huge with muscle. I've read the massive eating articles and I've decided to go for it.

BF 22%???

Currently Im taking:
Glutimine peptide
ON protien
Myoplex Protien
Glucosamine w/Chondroitin

My planned work out:

Sun: chest/back/legs/abs
Monday: off
Tues: biceps/trics/shoulders
Wed: off
thurs: chest/back/legs/abs
fri: off
sat: biceps/trics/shoulders

Meals so far:

2+8 egg white/ .5 cup grape nuts/ .5 cup ff milk/ toast
(683 p=70, c=86)

2 chicken breast/ 1 cup cot cheess/ 2 oz broc/ 1.5 cup OJ/ 1 potatoe
(600 p=70 c=65)

Myoplex/ 2 cups ff milk/ .5 cup oats (610 P=65 c=72)

Round top/ 1 cup cottage cheese/ 3 oz broc/ 1 tbsp PB
(632 p=72 f=30)

Beef patty/ bun/ 1.5 Bud light

total=2525(p=277 c=223 f=30)

Workout Bench press 3x5@180
Decline 3x5@175
Cable C/O 3x4@65's
DB flyes 3x3@30's

Seated rows 		3x5@135
Wide grip pull downs 	3x5@135	
Close grip lat pull downs	3x5@135	
Bent over Smith Macine rows	3x5@55
Good mornings		8x5@Barebell

Hanging abs
side twist			2x10
leg raises			3x10
knee raises		3x10
vertical bench crunches	2x10


2+6 egg white/ 1 cup oats/ 1 cup ff milk/ 1 bannana
(502 p=42 c=51)

Kong Bar (460 p=30 c=58 f=12)

6 oz chicken strips/ 2 wheat bread/ 1 cup cottage cheese
(560 p=60 c=61)

(2) 17oz Muscle milk
(700 p=68 c=34 f=34)

Sirloin steak 6 oz broccolli
(765 p=111 c=8 f=29)

2 wheat bread/ 6 oz ham/ 3 slices turkey/ 1 tbsp flax seed oil
(750 p=71 c=65 f=24)

total=3737 p=382 c=277 f=87
% 51/37/11


2+7 egg whites/ 2 cups oats/ 1 cup ff milk(642 p=57 c=60)

Kong Bar (460 p=30 c=58 f=12)

9 oz chicken strips/ 2 wheat bread/ 1 cup cottage cheese/ 1 cup OJ
(670 p=65 c=86)

2 wheat bread/ 2 tbsp PB/ 1 tbsp jellly/ 2 cups ff milk
(870 p=42 c=105 f=16)

Sirloin steak/ 1 cup cottage cheese(650 p=100 f=29)

Walnuts/ Flax seed oil
(610 p=8 c=8 f=32)

total= 3902 (p=302 c=317 f=89)

Work out
EZ bar curl 4x5@35's
Dubbell curls 2x6@45's 2x5@50's
Concentration curls 3x5@35's

Skull crusher		4x10@15's
straight bar push down	3x5@130
curve bar push down	2x8@90
behind neck DB press	4x6@65		


Hold it right there. On Sunday and Thursday you're working the largest muscle groups in your body, and then Tuesday and Saturday you're working only arms and shoulders? Balance it out a bit more. Or a lot more. Or better yet, pick a lifting routine from this site.


Well like I said, thats the planned workout. I was actually reading into the westside workout and I think I might do it, I assume it will work good with the massive eating??