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Massive Eating

Just got a few questions on this massive eating diet…My caloric requirements come out to about 3700 on this diet. With the 50 carbs 25 protein, and 15 percent fat recommendations, this comes out to about 150 grams of carbs for the big protein and carb meals… with very little carbs for the protein and fat meals…Isnt 150 too many carbs at one time…I know that these protein and carb meals are necessary for an insulin spike… But 150 carbs sounds like to much… Any feedback would be appreciated…Thanks…

Your going to have to add some meals to get that 150 down. John had said he likes his to be around 80 but I dont know how he does that. I eat 7 meals a day with 4 being protein and carbs and my carbs are just above 100. i cant get 8 in. so your going to have to modify your approach to include another meal or so