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Massive Eating

Anyone out there on the massive eating diet? I’m trying, but according to the plan, I’d have to eat over 4,000 calories … I can barely get to about 3,000 … I’m hoping this is enough (right now I’m 5’10", 165 lbs and goals for this year are to get up to 185).

My current diet is carb/protein meals for first 3, protein/fat meals last 3. After a whole weekend of planning my daily diet, I have a breakdown of 304g protein, 266g carbs, and 87g fat. A little off balance, too. I guess if I want specific help on modifying my diet, I should tell you exactly what I’m eating: Meal 1: MRP + banana; Meal 2: 3/4 cup rice, 1/3 can corn, 1/2 can tuna (chanko); Meal 3: MRP (post workout); Meal 4: Meat + cheese + mayo; Meal 5: four whole eggs + cheese + butter; Meal 6: Protein shake.

I’m combining the diet with Ian King’s 12-week upper body program, a custom-leg program, creatine, ribose, and soon Androsol + Tribex.

Any comments welcome!

If you really want to gain some weight fast try the super squats routine. I think you are probably doing too much work on all the specialization routines. My partner and I have done this routine and we gain more weight each time. basically the routine is…

  1. Squats 1set of 20 reps( thetrick is to take what you can do for 12 reps and do 20. Take 3 DEEP breaths between each rep and don’t stop until you hit 20 reps. It is a matter of will. No matter what you do 20 reps.You may need a good partner to push you.)then follow the squats with a set of light pullovers maybe 30 lbs for 20 reps.
    2)2 sets of bench
  2. 2 sets of rows
  3. 2 sets of shoulder work
  4. a little bit of arm work
  5. a little bit of abs
    And thats it.
    Add weight to squats each workout(5-10 lbs)
    do this routine 2 times a week for 6 weeks then go back to your regular routine.
    let me know if this helps

Grant, I know 4000 is a big number but that’s all it is. If you want to get massive, you’ve got to put away some cals, baby. I’m not sure what you’re background is, as far as gaining (easy gainer, hard gainer), but if you want to get your cals up a bit, I see a few places where it wouldn’t be too tough. If you’re afraid of eating too much or getting fat, then just add some cals gradually. What you’ve outlined really doesn’t seem like it’s 3000 calories to me, but I didn’t bust out the ol’ calorie counter. What is your normal intake? If this is your normal intake, or close to it, you’re not upping the calories enough. Also, I think you could stand to add a carb/protein meal after the MRP following training (about an hour or so). It sounds like your training and supplementation are good-to-go, I wouldn’t want to see all that go to the wayside by not getting adequate energy intake…don’t become another It’s Your Diet victim!

Grant:A suggestion of sorts may be to split up your high protein/carbohydrate meals throughout the day instead of eating them all in a row. This way might be more beneficial in that you may get three seperate insuline spikes, instead of having it elevated for just 4-6 hours in the first half of your day. I personally start the day off with a protein/carbohydrate meal then alternate between that and a protein/fat meal throughout the day. In addition I see no problem with including a 7th meal or beyond if your day permits in order to get some extra calories.

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the comments… I’ll try to address you guys separately here: Jimmyo, that squat routine seems pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl. The reason I’m only concentrating one day per cycle on legs in the gym (and alternating muscle groups) is because one day a week I have to do sprints on my bike (about twenty 50-yarders … with minimal rest trust me, you feel like you’re ready to puke). This is the best routine to do for BMX racing. If weather doesn’t permit, I’ll do 5 sets of plyo jumps till failure. Again, vomit inducing! My main goal for legs is explosive power and speed. But I will certainly try your squat routine. I’ll let you know how it goes. R. Foster: My reasoning for keeping my carb meals early in the day is because I’m less active at night and don’t want the heavy stuff sitting in my stomach. But you make some good points about insulin spikes. I’ll try it and see how it feels. Timbo: I did a whole weekend of math and tables … trust me, it’s 3,000! And I feel like I’m eating a lot too. I don’t want to gorge myself. I don’t know if I have time in the day to add an extra meal. As it is I’m already getting up early to fit 6 in. Maybe some nuts throughout the day would be good, and could add some fat to the balance. My usual diet was about 2,000-2,500 cals per day, so this is up a bit. I’m almost 28 and have been working out (with little results) since I was 19 … I was pretty much an uneducated joe up until about a year ago. And as much as I want to gain lean mass, I’m nervous about adding on to my gut! (I’ve worked some to get rid of it … german body comp training, high protein/fat diet …) but now it’s back to business and getting the chest, back, and guns looking good for the gals! I’ll do some more thinking on where I can fit more in, maybe another small meal (snack) and such. Thanks again for the input!

Grant, it’s not that I didn’t believe you, buddy, just seemed a little short on change there (maybe you’re using milk).

I understand what you mean about being consciencious of getting some chub around the beltline. I have the same mental roadblock goin’ on. And I do think you should take it slow, seeing that you have increased calories a decent amount. You may want to try to add 300 cals/week till you get where you want and are comfortable.

Eating becomes a task sometimes, my friend, and if you want all your hard training, supplementation and work to pay off, it’s necessary to get that grub in. If you have any more questions or want to try to fit in some more cals, just let us know, bro.

No offense, but I only weight about 160 and I can eat about 4,000 calories in an hour. So if you’re having problems hitting your numbers, then you are too conscientious about putting on a little fat. Trust JB, your metabolism will come up to speed. Good luck

Hey BT, Thanks … you made me laugh. OK, so you’re 5 pounds lighter than me and can eat more. But are you also 4’11"? Just kidding … I’m gonna slowly work myself up. My lack of cal intake at this point isn’t mental … I eat until just before the moment of feeling absolutely stuffed, you know? Every 3 hours I have a good meal. And Timbo, yeah, I have my shakes with skim milk … so there’s extra cals and carbs from that. So, anyway, I’m slowly adding more, even if it’s just half a banana a day, handful of nuts here and there, etc. Thanks guys!! You’re a big help.

Hi guys…i’m doin some massive eatin too. i’m takin in about only 3100kcals a day tho over 7 meals…4 carb pro. 5pro/fat. i hafta get up to 3800 but i dunno how i’m trying to keep carbs under 70 and pretty clean like JB said and fat under 30…i notice my waistline gettin a bit bigger, no change in my arms really tho or legs…a little in my shoulders(at least it seems) oh well i gotta stick to it…i’m kinda weary of staggering 1 pro 1 carb, 1pro 1 carb as was mentioned before cuz i eat almost every 2 hrs…worried about having sat in bloodstream w carbs u know…i could talk about this 4ever but i’m at school so i’ll be back later. anyone got any good low insulin high insulin combo recipes out there. Lata peeps, Mike

Sorry about that Grant…I’ll admit that after 3-4+ weeks of dieting I can’t eat as much as I normally can. Maybe your stomach shrinks a little while on a prolonged diet - I don’t know. Slowly build up to your massive eating caloric level and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.