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Massive Eating

Ok Ive got a problem. I need about 4700cals per day and as one who has very good insulin sensitivity i planned on doing 4 pro/carb meals and 3 pro/fat meals. I cant get in 8. i read john saying he keeps carbs to max 80 and fat to max 30. this seems impossible for me. my carbs are about 100 and fat about 40 and im still short on cals. so what gives? now what?

Isn’t John talking about per meal? Sounds like you’re taking it to mean per day. (80, 30 that is)

no, i know he means per day. but 80x4 is only 320 and 30x3 is only 90. thats a far cry in carbs and fat from what i need. yet thats what id get in 7 meals

Without lots more info I can only guess about what you should do. But the bottom line is that the 80c and 30f was a ROUGH guideline for the average dude. Obviously if you need to down around 5K per day (as I do), you need to jack those numbers a bit more. I just caution people at these caloric levels against eating too infrequently and therefore having these huge fat and carb meals. See what I mean?