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Massive eating

I have been following JB’s massive eating for ages now and think the food combinations are great. I have one issue that has been bugging me for a while and thought i would post it on the forum.
I started doing some reading on the warrior diet and animalbolics diet and got quite interested in how they both say that re-feeding with carbs and protein after a workout similar to Massive eating is a good idea ( I agree). The thing that got me was the breakfast issue of eating next to nothing or a couple of eggs and protein shake (P+F) but with no carbs to help the body in burning fat. JB always recommends eating a P+C meal for breakfast, should I be trading in my oatmeal for eggs and vegies? This is of course that I don’t do any morning cardio etc.

It depends on how well you handle carbs and what your goals are. If you don’t handle carbs well you might feel less energetic after a meal of P+C for breakfast. Carb intolerant indivduals generally have much more stable energy throughout the day when avoiding early P+C meals. But if your goal is mass and youre not training right after your morning workout then it would be ok.