Massive Eating

Hi there. After a summer of slacking off, I sadly find myself out of shape. However, sports are starting up again, so it won’t be too long before that is remedied. My problem is my body composition. I want to put on some muscle and lose fat at the same time. I’m 6’3" and 220 lbs with 18% body fat, up from 10% in June (a diet consisting of slurpees, beer, and sunflower seeds is responsible). I’ve been reading up, and I think the Massive Eating diet is the one for me. What kind of luck have people had with this diet? Any tips?This will be coupled with lifting 3 days a week and extensive cardio (sports practices and games). Thanks in advance…

Massive Eating is very much a lifestyle type of diet, one which is followed by a good amount of the people on this board. Since reading that article, I have rarely eaten carbs and fat in the same meal.

Anyway, look at the "Don't Diet" version of the ME plan in Appetite for Construction, T-mag Issue #167. It's geared towards slow and steady fat loss. It should work well for you; good luck. Hope this helps.

ME food combos work.

But with the Don’t Diet Diet, I won’t be building muscle, will I?
And pardon my ignorance, but what are ME meals, and also, what is the best first meal to eat in the morning? A Carb/Protein Mix, or a protein/fat mix?

At your current level of bodyfat you can likely expect to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time while being able to slim down to around 10-12% bf. You can do this on a hypocaloric diet such as “Don’t Diet” because the extra energy your fat cells are fueling will also help fuel muscle growth. If you were to do the regular massive eating diet you likely would gain a good deal of muscle mass but if anything you would maintain or perhaps increase your fat mass. The ME meal combos are protein + carbs or protein + fat but severely limit the meals with protein + carbs + fat. Once you hit a plateau following a plan such as don’t diet you will need to either diet stricter to reduce bodyfat more or eat more to fuel more muscle growth.