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Massive eating

Guys - I am finding myself limited by my imagination i’m afraid.

I want top implement the ‘massive eating’ protocols (especially the p+C and P+F meals) but can’t think of what I can eat fot the Protein + Fat meals that will fill me up?

Any suggestions?

See Berardi’s “Appetite for Construction” columns for many suggestions. He provided food lists in one of the more recent ones. See Previous Issues section.

Do a subject search here on the forum; the topic has been extensivly covered in the past.

Do a search as Joel said or look on John Berardi’s site. Go through and read his question and answer columns. He outlines some mealplans that follow Massive Eating guidelines. HTH.

Steak, eggs, egg whites, chicken, fish, fish oils, flax oil, mixed nuts, cottage cheese, protein powder (preferably a whey/casein blend).