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Massive Eating

Starting up Massive Eating at 3300 cals day, using a 40P/30C/30C. I’ve got a few questions…

  1. Are whole wheat bagels okay? I found a brand that has 25g of protein and 40g of carbs per bagel.

  2. Is natural PB okay, or should I just use mixed nuts for fats? I remember Berardi saying that he doesn’t like peanuts or cashews… killjoy.

  3. To stay relatively lean throughout summer, I’d like to do 9-week cycles of 6 Massive Eating / 2 Fat Fast / 1 Maintentence. I might modify it to just start Fat-Fasting as soon as I hit 10% BF (at 7% right now) Opinions?

What brand of bagels has 25 grams of protein?!?

bump… it’s a local brand. Just look in the baked goods section of a non-chain grocery store and you find some good stuff. It’s pretty expensive, but definitely worth it.

I believe Berardi specifically said you should stay away from bagels. It was in his Winning Formula article part 2.

I’m not even going to touch the bagel thing. Cuz it’s wierd that there is a bagel that contains 25g of protein. However, yes to Natural peanut butter. We eat it - although my boyfriend adds it to his protein shake. Also, your question about your diet - I believe Joel Marrion outlined his diet (via ABCDE diet) in the Off Topics forum. Check it out.

  1. Occasionally, you could eat a bagel. It might be a good choice for your second post-workout meal.

2) Natural PB is ok, just don't make it the sole source of your fat calories. Choose walnuts, almonds and pistachios if you want to eat nuts.

3)Why the fat fast? It is unnecessary for anyone who plans ahead. It is an emergency diet. Don't use it unless you have to. Why not cycle between Massive Eating and Don't Diet depending on body composition needs.