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Massive eating with natural bodybuilder goals

Dear t-maggers,
John Berardi once said in t-mag that
“In fact, as I’ve said about a billion times on the site, if muscle fullness and low body fat is the goal (i.e. the bodybuilding look), no (or at least very little) high intensity anaerobic or aerobic work should be done.”
However I am just about to embark on your massive eating (goal to gain lean mass), protocol which recommends cardio. Isn’t this a contradiction?
Using massive eating and no cardio when I desire ‘the bodybuilding look’ would I simply eat less?
When wanting to gain lean mass, do you recommend no cardio also?
I am a natural bodybuilder with good to great insulin sensitivity. My main interest right now is lean mass using massive eating with or with out cardio?

I believe it’s individual. Some competitors can retain that lean, hard and full look even after lots of cardio for their precontest prep. Personally, I don’t like cardio. I prefer HIIT.

That may be the route for you. I jump rope and use heavy bag training as a way to keep the BF low and maintain LBM. You can also add sprinting sessions. Nowadays, 45-minutes of bike or treadmill isn't the only way to go for cardio. IMO.