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Massive Eating vs. Fat Fast


I am getting ready to start a cutting phase for 4 weeks and i am trying to decide which method to use. I want to drop it as fast as possible without losing any muscle (obviously). So what do you guys reccomend the Fat Fast or Massive eating protocol. If I use the Fat Fast it will be a modified version with 45g carbs during the workout (gatorade) and 2 scoops surge after. I will also be using T2, MD6, Androsol, and 80mg injectable TA EOD. On both diets I will keep my calories at about 1100 a day. I Weigh 185 Lbs at 12% bf, and I would like to get down to 7 or 8% BF.


1100 calories a day????? Bro to me this seems way too low for your bodyweight and body fat %. Especially since you will be taking MD6 and T2.


J. Man: A couple of things. It is recommended that even a petite woman should never go below 1000-1200 calories per day. So I agree with SLAINE; you are inevitably going to lose a substantial amout of muscle at that level of calories.

You also bring up an important point that I would like to throw out to "The Forum". I have always looked at the " Fat Fast" as sort of a "quick and dirty, take-that-last-"smoothing"-layer-of-fat-off" LIMITED diet. I look at the Massive Eating Diet, with appropriate caloric reduction, as a mass gaining/preserving diet that will not lead to as RAPID a weight loss, BUT will tend to preserve more lean body mass. Is my thinking wrong? (Hope JB or others of the "T-Mag" staff can weigh in on this one).


According to Brock he did not lose any muscle on the fat fast diet, nor did he gain any. I did a similar version to it while on the Anabolic diet and lost a great deal of weight during the week and seemed to gain more back than normal on the weekends (muscle??). It really took the fat off fast. I posted a question a week or so ago asking how much one can lose a week w/ a fat fast type of diet, using some kind of anabolic to preserve muscle, while losing lots of fat. No one seemed to be sure. Brock certainly lost a little over four pounds a week, which is right around what I lost before carbing up on the weekends. Many said not to lose more than 2lbs. top a week but I'm not so sure. I mean even if one were to lose a little bit of muscle most should, in theory, come back when you back to eating normally due to muscle memory, right? So, in answer to the original question, IMHO, I would go Fat fast it will take off fat quick w/o taking of much muscle.


Hey guys, thanks for the input.
I know my calories are EXTREMELY low but I thought that taking the Trenbelone plus the androsol would prevent me from losing any muscle. I can't remember what Brock's calories were on his Fat Fast experiment but I think they were under 1500, and he is bigger than me. So I thought I would be able to get away with the low calories. Maybe I will up the calories to about 1500. I would still like some more input from anybody who has any reccomendations on something I need to change.


1100 calories is way too low, and 1500 calories is too low as well for your weight. The reason the fat fast worked for people is because of the steroids that people use while on it. If you are not taking steroids, then you shouldn't go that low on calories. Going low carb is good, but keep the calories just a little below maintenance if youre doing it naturally.


if your trying to lose as fast as possible using gatoride during your workout isn't wise b/c it's been shown carbs during a workout stops fat loss. The fat fast would probably be best since cutting carbs is the best way to lose fat, but the chance of slowing of metabolic rate is great. Best bet would prob. be lean proteins, at least 1g protein per lb bodyweight and a little omega 3's with each meal. High Protein, Mod. Fat, low carbs, best way to lose fat.


Jimmy- Judging from this forum, I'd say that 95% of those on the Fat Fast did not use steroids, only Androsol and MD6.


I have no experience with Massive Eating,
only my Fat Fast (which I am in the process
of revising)...if you want to lose as much
fat as possible without losing mass than
the Fat Fast is easily the quickest way even
if it is difficult to do.



Jimmy, since when are Androsol and MD6 steroids?


Androsol is a legal steroid. Anyway, to clarify, do not do the fat fast unless you are on a legal or illegal steroid as you will lose too much muscle in the process.


I think you've been reading the Weider mags for too long.


I would say take TC's advice in this week's reader mail and do eenie meenie minie mo. If you want to use the fat fast, use it. It works really well (for me it is). I don't know about the carbs during the workout but the surge after I would definitly recommend, as post workout nutrition is very important. Since it's also recommended during t-dawg diet, I see no reason why you should not take it on fat fast. I can't wait to see what modifications Brock has made to this program.