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Massive Eating Vs. Dont Diet

What is the difference between these two different programs. I didn’t go to the seminar and as far as I know that is when Mr. Berardi talked about the Don’t Diet plan. Anyone know?

Just sending to the front in hopes someone knows. Anyone out there? Hello?

I did’t go to the seminar either, but I’ll give it a try. The Don’t Diet is a fat-loss/maintenance plan based on the same principles of protein/fat meals and protein/carb meals. John B. suggest that the first three meals of the be p/c while the last three being p/f. Of course, the total calories should be adjusted to achieve fat loss or maintenence. I am trying the inverse of it, going with p/f in the morning and p/c in the evening. My reasoning is that I can avoid the caffeine-induced hypoglycemia from the morning coffee (I’m not giving up coffee) and the carbs in the evening helps me to sleep. That is all I know. If you need more info, go to the man himself, JMB.