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Massive Eating troubles

I’ve experienced some trouble with the massive eating program. I know I’m supposed to wait for the article, but I’m an impatient SOB, so John B, toss a hambone my way would ya? The problem is the low carb high protein meals. They just stop me up and just kills my appetite. Should I add just enough carbs to the protein meals to make them go through my system better?

Well it sounds like you are doing something right. High protein/fat meals will probably cause “white knuckled bathroom excursions” in most people. I know they do in me. In addition, they do sort of decrease my appetite. Exactly how much fat and protein are you eating at each meal (? gram quantities). And Im assuming you are eating aabout 2-3 meals like that per day.

You have 2 options. The first is to just suck it up buddy and move on. That’s the one I choose. Eating for size or to get lean isnt always a picnic. It’s work.

The second is to take a fiber supplement (carb free) with those meals and increase your water intake. In addition, as far as the appetite thing, dont think about it, just eat man. No one feels like eating like a bodybuilder all of the time. But what separates those who get results from those who do not is perserverance.

When I was 18, I "couldnt" gain weight until I started eating 2 meals per day that consisted of broccholi, 1lb pasta and 1lb lean ground turkey. In addition, I would eat 4 packets of oatmeal, 12 egg whites, and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast. Then I would mix up a jug of water with 6-8 scoops of protein powder and drink that all day between meals while snacking on cinnamon raisin bagels with some peanut butter on them (at least 5 per day). Now, that wasnt the most scientifically sound program but guess what, my metabolism was fast enough for it to work for me at the time. I certainly didnt feel like eating most of those meals. I rarely had an appetite. Sometimes after sitting down to a bowl of 1lb of pasta and 1 lb of lean ground turkey, I would puke. But I did it. And during that time (probably about a year), I gained more muscle than I ever have before or since (about 30lbs). Was it worth it? You bet your heiney!

Question for John M on this topic - I’m about 5"7 160lbs 8% bf. I’m curious as to how much, in your opinion, I could raise my metabolism by eating more food in the manner you describe while keeping my bf% under 12% (for argument sake). I know that people who diet by cutting calories eventually depress their metabolism, so by the same token, how much might I be able to naturally boost my metabolism by eating “perfectly”. Assuming that 2,400-2,500 is maintenance for me, do you think I could eat up to say 3,400 - 3,500 caloreies keeping all other weightlifting and aerobic activity constant? and for how long? In essence, I want to eat a LOT MORE without gaining much fat. I can keep my diet extremely strict in terms of food choices - just need some guidance. I want that turbo-charged-just-carbed-up-the-day-before feeling all the time. Nothing I need more than a non-diet diet for all year round use. Thanks

Thanks, John. I guess I have my marching orders. I hope I don’t puke trying to force myself to eat. If I need further fine tuning, I’ll wait until the article comes out.