Massive eating/throw up?

Okay so this week i started my massive eating diet, 5000 calories over 350 of them protein. Anyways i also started taking creatine and glutamine along with multi-vitamins. Anyways… here is the problem, i feel like a few times a day i have to vomit, but i dont. anyone else feel this or know why it happens? i did however gains 3.7 pounds in a couple of days…prob due to the creatine. i’m going for a 215 → 230+ transformation by the end of the summer. but does anyone else feel this throw up feeling? thanks

right now im 215.7 are my goals realistic? i workout 4 times a week and starting next week im working with my pops construction for the whole summer. i think im going to have to up the food intake to 6000 b/c of the labor i will be doing. thanks again

Maybe you should’ve ‘eased’ into 5000 calories/day, instead of going straight to it? As in:

Week 1: 3500
Week 2: 4000
Week 3: 4500
Week 4: 5000…

I think your goal is very realistic. As for the throw up feeling, I also know the feeling. I weight about 260-265 so whenever I go on massive eating, when I’m at home, (in college just follow P+C and P+F because I can’t afford all the calories) I eat over 7,000 calories at the peak. Needless to say it takes me about an hour to eat one meal and afterwards I feel very sick. I also need to work my way up (Like Ike said) taking 250-500 calories a week jumps, once I reach my desired level of weight gain I taper my way back to normal levels when I am going back to normal meals.

I doubt this feeling is too unusual, simply due to the massive amount of food you are eating! I am on a similar program at the moment and have come close to puking several times.

It’s the shear amount of food that I have found, I would try having smaller meals more spaced out through the day if you feel you are overstuffing yourself at any one time.

An Ectomorph would just like to get his words out ther:

You guys shouldn’t push yourself too much, from experience I have ate too much at one time and suffered problems in the long run, causing longer time to progress. I Despearatly need to gain weight, maybe 4 or 5 times more than someone who weights 260. but im not gonna kill myself in the process. Jus chill

That 3.7 pounds? To paraphrase an old Micheal Jordan commercial, “It’s not the creatine.”

Yes spread your caloric intake out to 6 or 7 times a day at least. That is probably going to be 7 800 calorie meals. 800 calories in one sitting is a decent amount but as long as you have good sources it will settle quickly. Most likely you will work 10 hour days, you will need to time this really well and might want to start night feeding to make sure you get all the calories you need. In fact I’d suggest doing it anyway. You do this right and you’ll blow up. It should make work a hell of a lot easier to eat that much too.

I feel like throwing up at the thought of taking in 5000 calories. I have a hard time choking down 3700. (I’m 5’10" 180 lbs 10% bf).
I think it’s a combination of the amount of food, which is enormous at 5000 (or 7000?? WOW!), and the combinations of food. Let’s be honest, not all our meal combinations would make for the world’s finest dining. But whatever makes us big right?

well im 6’6" and an ectomorph…i eat abour 8 times a day or atleast 6 depends on my schedule with school. anyways those gains that i was talking about from creatine were water. anyways i took a pic last month and am going to post my progress(hopefully) at the end of the summer) thanks guys (and gals)