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Massive Eating Support Group (Seriously)

Most of you are thinking: why do we need a support group for Massive Eating? Well, I’ve been eating according to Massive Eating for three weeks now. In the last four days, every time I eat a low fat meal with more than 10 carbs, I pass out within the next hour. It’s rediculous. Tonight I ate 17g carbs and 40g protein an hour before my workout, and when I got to the Fitness Center, I passed out for a half hour on the floor and it ruined my workout. When I woke up I was so weak, I just had to leave. Now I’m shaking and I feel tired, cranky, and sore, but I didn’t even lift tonight! This feels horrible and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Have any of you had similar experiences?

Like you actually go unconscious? If that’s right then it’s not your diet, it’s something else and you just happen to be Massive Eating. I’d see a doctor.

Don’t mess around with this. See a doctor, pronto. Let us know what the prognosis is, ok?

Carbs have a sedating effect, but they aren’t supposed to knock you out! Go get checked out bud.

You’re clearly running into Diabetic type problems. Don’t want to scare you but you have to go to the doctor. The 17 grams of carb is maybe causing Hyperglycmeia (too much blood sugar) but the symptoms you are getting sound Hypoglycemic (not enough blood sugar). I’m not sure but JMB is the ebst person to clear up what’s going on.

People, dont try to diagnose this guy’s problem by saying it’s somehow related to carb intake. if this guy is passing out, it’s not because of any massive eating guidelines. He followed massive eating for 3 weeks (21 days) and only the last 4 days have brought about the symptoms. So what happened the other 17 days? In addition, 10g of carbs is barely recognized by the body, even in diabetics and certainly cant cause hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. All I can say is that this has nothing directly to do with the massive eating meal combos. Without more info, I couldnt say what it was but it could be a food allergy, could be due to the use of some drugs we dont know about, could be due to stress, could be due to any one of a hundred other health related issues that this person has to go to the doc about and not post here about. Normal people eat wacky meals all the time without any repercussion. However take a bunch of lifters, give them a little information about the body, and whammo, they are ready to self-diagnose serious problems as nutritionally related! Go to the doc choad!

C’mon JMB, I’ve been reading T-Mag for 8 months now, I’m practically a GP! My dad complained of having sore kidneys a few days ago, so I’m already lining him up for the removal of one down in the back shed - I have read about kidneys somewhere on T-Mag before… no problems…! [grin] Chaod, you heard it from the man, and it all makes sense. Go see the doc and perhaps tell us what the problem was. Mark-AUS

“Clearly you are having diabetic type problems” was an ill advised statement. Just to qualify, I love Massive Eating. The guidleines are borderline revolutionary. I’ve been told by Cy Wilson that he’s been eating this way for years and I’m sure others have as well. I appreciate you spreading the gospel. I wasn’t trying to bad mouth Massive Eating Protocol, just drawing on what I have learned at school and from personal experience (formerly hypoglycemic). Didn’t mean to get your back up or nothing, just wanted to hear your prognosis on the situation. Thanks for chyming in.

Even though this thread is dead, I wanted to thank everyone for throwing out some ideas (predominantly to go to the doc). From now on I will be sure to word my posts more precisely. I didn’t actually mean that I “pass out”, but eating carbs makes me just fall asleep. I can stay awake, but its real hard, especially if I eat a meal of 60 carbs or more. Seems that I’ve also been getting the shakes lately, but not necessarily after eating a carb meal, instead just mostly at night and after drinking Surge.