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Massive Eating sequence of meals for mass

Just curious about everyone’s opinion. In a mass gaining cycle, should all the P+C meals be consumed one after another first(except post workout shake)first half of the day and then finish the day with the P+F meals, or should the meals be staggered as one P+C followed by a P+F through out the day? Or does it even matter? Just thought that there may be an advantage of one over the other. What do you guys think?

I think it is supposed to be P+C for first three meals and then P+F but I have had good success with alternating the meals. I always start the day with a P+C and end it with a P+F but in the middle I will alternate. Sometimes I will have the same combo for a few meals then switch back. Meals around my workouts are always P+C.
This is the only mass building diet I have been able to stick with. I love it!

as i have just finished re-reading most of berardi’s articles, i can tell you that the answer to your question would be to keep alternating the pc meals with the pf meals. in one of the articles, he suggests consuming your first three or four meals as pc meals and your last three or four meals as pf meals if you are interested in maximizing FAT loss on a massive eating plan. i forget which article in particular but it was one of the more recent ones. more importantly, use his suggestions to calculate you caloric needs and try to stick with them (its harder than you think). do a bit more volume and keep your intensity in the 65-80% range to stimulate hypertrophy and keep track of your weight (use a calibrated scale if you can - the ones in the doctor’s office) and your bodyfat and keep adjusting your caloric needs based on that. i’ve found that a digestive enzyme might help with consuming all those calories if you are not using liquid meals (shakes). good luck.

So then there might be a better way to sequence the meals for mass as opposed to dieting for fat loss. In trying to keep the body in an anabolic state throughout the day, I guess it would be better to alternate but let’s see what other results have been. Thanks for the replys guys!