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Hey guys- I have ran through the search and have found alot of feed back about massive eating. But i was wondering how everyones progress has been since starting. I am leaving for vacation for a week and when i get back i am hitting massive eating hard.

Its summer Bro. We’re all on diets. Massive eating starts next month.JR.

i started dieting in march, so it’s really time for me to start bulking up. What about peoples results from before summer.

I searched my log for you and here are my results. On June 17, I weighed in at 161. Today, on August 12 I weighed in at 182. I did one 3 week cycle of Androsol in which I gained 11 lbs. The rest of the gains were fairly even throughout. My diet was massive eating with 8 meals per day, 4 of which were p+c, and 4 p+f. Cals were at about 4000 throughout except 4300 during the androsol cycle. My stomach is bloated bigtime from eating all the time, but by looking in the mirror I am thrilled with the results. I can still see my abs, albeit they are not quite as lean as when I started. I don’t have access to accurate bodyfat measurements, so I had to go with how I felt and what I saw in the mirror. Training was 3 weeks of GVT, followed by a high-volume program of my design, sort of a King-Berardi-Poliquin hybrid. I hope this helps. Don’t diet starts tomorrow.

WEll I have been eating massivly now for about three months, and the results ae alwsome…I started with a defict in calories becasue i kinda wanted to see where my maintance level was with it. Which, at the time was about 3700. So I was consuming around 3700 aa day for about 6 weeks and did not gain a pound, however my lean body mass when up and i looked a hell of alot leaner. Now for the past 6 weeks i have been bulking and plan on doing so till the end of the year…So far it is 6 weeks and 6 pounds…i think i’m more please with this diet than any other i have tried. It has taught me what to eat and when to eat it to see results quick…I think it isn’t just one of those diets that you go on for cycle and then try something else, i think this one is a keeper…

I have some feedback for you - I’ve been eating semi-massively for the past few months (basically since JMB’s article came out), and haven’t seen any real results. When I say “semi-massively”, I mean that I’ve been dividing my meals up into P&C or P&F, mostly P&F, but I haven’t done all the calorie calculations for maintenance, etc. I’ve been at the iron game for a while, and basically I can feel what maintenance cals are - and my scale backs me up. What I’m trying to say here is that I haven’t noticed any particular nutrition partitioning effect simply from breaking my meals up a la the above. I’m still about at the same bodyfat percentage, and my weight hasn’t changed.

So I don’t know what to tell you, except that if you do decide to do Massive Eating, you should definitely follow the whole program, not just the P&C/P&F part of it. What with all the good results that everyone else has posted (and my lack of same), I have the feeling that there may be some physiological reaction that sets in from upping or lowering your total cals IN ADDITION TO splitting your meals up as JMB recommends. (Any comments on this, John?) Just my 2 cents…