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Massive Eating reloaded

I have a question about changing my first meal
from p+c to a p+f meal . I was thinking of pork
sausage to may first meal. I did a search but not to
many post on the subject. I will be working out about
9 00 AM. So I was going to use the new massive
eating protocal. Any thoughts on this.

Thanks, Ken

I am a big fan of P+F meals in the morn befor my w/o have been for some time. I save the carbs for pwo.

I would say I would eat atleat 90min prior to trainong to give time for digestion.


Oh, and this is the best news I have ever heard in a long while:

“6. Veggies, beans, and low GI fruits can be added to P+F meals in moderation”

Can’t get any better.

Loony it has actually been that way for a while if you follow JB’s writings @ all.

It was originally 10 carbs or less for a P+F meal. That is a lot of damn broc. or cauli… He later went on to state that there are some exceptions like beans and the such, and to keep it under 15g of low GI carbs.

But yes, if you are just getting the news rejoice and eat the wonderfull veggies with your P+F (in moderation of course).


Massive eating II sounds good, i am going to give it a go in a weeks time with quattro dynamo, can’t wait!!!

Hey Phill,

I’ve been following, JB’s updates passionately, but what’s new to this ish is the “bean” thing.

The problem is that unlike fruits and veggies, a half a cup of beans has as much as 25g of carbs! And I have always avoided beans in my P+F.

I am not really sure of how much beans is allowed in P+F - maybe since they are low on the insulinic index 1/2 cup would be fine!!! I have no idea.

Do you?


Actually JB had stated that beans were an exception in a previous article.

I will try and find it and give a link.


Most beans also have a ton of fiber in them though which would lessen the carb count.