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Massive Eating Reloaded ?'s - JB et al

Couple of questions on the New and improved massive eating.

1.) I work out first thing in the morning. I mean I get out of bed, dress, and head to the gym (around 4:30am, with a 30min drive to the gym) so the first meal of the day I have is my 1/2 serving of Surge during my workout. Is this cool, or should I throw a small meal (protein and a fat)down to satisfy the P+F meal before working out.

2.) How should carbs be timed on days when I don’t workout or do GPP or energy system work?



I do a full serving of Surge. most juist prior to and the last bit after the first few mins.

Off day I usually just have a big P+C breakfast and go straight to P+F for the rest of the day with plenty O veggies.

Seems to work great for me.

I think its usually broken down by time, with your schedule being the standard (Early wake up and training)

C+P before 1:00pm and the P+F after that.

I workout early also. In the past I had always started the morning with a cup of coffee and a TBL flax oil. My warmup would start about 30-45 minutes later and I’d begin my first liter of surge type PWO. However, recently after reviewing Massive Eating Reloaded I’ve rethought the idea and have nixed the flax oil. I save it for later in the day. I go P+C meals up through lunch. Then P+F meals through the remainder of the day. I get in my flax oil and fish oil capsules in two or three of the P+F meals. It seems to be working for me pretty well.