Massive Eating Reloaded Questions...

First up thanks to Mr Berardi for consistantly providing some of the best nutrition info available, brilliant stuff.

Have a few questions…

In the last article there is an example diet plan for a training day, but on non training days how should you organise your meals. I presume eating your P+C meals for the first meals then the P+F meals later in the day, as I imagine the Carbs would be more usefull in the morning when you need most energy?

Secondly, JB also outlines the example diet plan around either a morning or evening workout, I have the luxury of being able to work out any time I like. So give this choice which would be optimal, again I presume a morning workout would be best as this then increases metabolism throughout the day, which will help when doing the massive eating plan.

Any thought or comments appreciated.




I think you have it right as far as P+C in the AM on non training days.

As far as when to workout, I would say that is dependent on you. At what time of the day do/will you get the best w/o. Some ppl are able to hit it harder in the AM some PM. I personally train much better in the AM. I have tried both, but just seem to be better motivated in the AM.

I would use thios as a judge to when you w/o. The harder/better the w/o the more benefit you will receive regardless of the time of day.

Hope that helps.