Massive Eating: Ready...Set...

Ok, I’m pumped to start the massive eating diet. I bought my reli-on glucose moniter and strips but when I asked the pharmacist about a glucose beverage he started blankly and pointed me towards the chewable tablets. Each tablet has 5 grams of Dextrose (glucose). So how much do I take, how do I prepare the beverage, etc… If Mr. Berardi himself could chime in that would be great because I know a lot of people are wondering about this aspect. Thanks.

ok … not to be mean but this has been asked a few times on here… first by me… haha oh well … he said you need to buy a drink called glucola… or mix 75 grams of glucose (dextrose) with 300 ml of water… and he specificallyy said no more than 300 ml because it will hinder the results… hope this helps you… i saw the tablets too… and i dont now if youll have to take 15 of those pills to get the 75 grams or what

Thanks spence. yeah it has been asked a few times but no one’s given a straight answer. The last post I read said to mix 754 grams of glucose with 300 mL of water so I’m pretty glad I got some clarification.