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Massive Eating Questions

A few quwesions about Berardi’s Massive Eating:

Why is it considered beneficial to ALWAYS avoid the addition of fat when consuming a P+C meal? I mean, I can understand eliminating all fat from post-workout meal, when you want fastest possible digestion. And regarding saturated fats and other unhealthy fats, of course it is best to minimize consumption of these. But otherwise, would not the addition of healthy fats to P+C meals be advantageous?

I am somewhat carb sensitive/insulin resistant, therefore, I need to choose my carb intake carefully. My current plan is to include carbs for my last meal pre-workout, to enhance energy for workout, and also to include carbs for first 1-2 meals post-workout, to enhance recovery. All other meals for me would P+F. My rationale for this plan is that, for those who are carb sensitive and seeking to maximize muscularity AND leanness, it is best to eat carbs only when there is a good reason, ie, pre-workout for loading of carbs for energy, and post-workout for enhanced recovery.

Any comments?

Read “Temporal Nutrition, Part II
by Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D.” in this weeks issue especially the first section.
It does a pretty good job of explaining why P+C+F meals aren’t optimal.

Blue: read over Berardi’s ‘Massive Eating I & II’ and you’ll get your answers as to why you don’t want to mix large amounts of fat with carbs.

As far as carb sensitivity goes, as in your case, I can understand your situation, b/c I operate better keeping my carbs to morning, and pre-during- and-post workout. Carbs aren’t the villain that some ‘experts’ make them out to be, you just have to know what kind of carbs to eat and when to eat them so that they will actually be beneficial. And then again, be true to your own system: if you feel best on lower carbs - stick to it. Major strength coaches Poliquin and Alessi follow a ‘lower’ carb approach and utilize the ‘pre-post’ workout drink.


Dreamer…I can’t help but answer your first question [quote]But otherwise, would not the addition of healthy fats to P+C meals be advantageous?[/quote] with a question: Why would adding fats (healthy or not) to carb-containing, insulin-impacting meals be advantageous?

To slow absorption and gastric emptying? Well, what if I told you that adding fat to carb-containing meals (both in significant quantities) will actually potentiate the insulin response, inhibiting lipolysis and stimulating lipogenesis to an even further degree?

This plan would not have been created if there weren’t massive quantities of research and empirical evidence to support it. If we need to go into the physiology further, let me know.

While I agree that carbs should be packed in during and after training–particularly for those that have difficulty with carbs–I don’t agree with the carbs pre-training. Now, if you meant at the onset of training, then you would probably be okay. Still, I don’t recommend ingesting those carbs until during your workout.

In the latter case, catecholamines will already be on the rise and will help to keep the insulin response at bay. However, you will still provide exogenous glucose to spare liver glycogen and maintain blood glucose concentrations.

If you think that a pre-training meal of protein and carbs is most efficient, I ask you to re-think that. (I’m talking about a meal that comes in the hour or two before training). The during workout drink will be much more efficient for maintaining blood glucose homeostasis and liver glycogen, without sacrificing a lipoylitic-suppressing insulin response, which you would incite with the meal.