Massive Eating Questions

Im planning on starting my first true bulk, and Im trying to do it right. Ill be following/basing my nutrition off of Berardi’s massive eating. But I have a couple things to clarify:

  1. In reloaded, he says to eat veggies and low GI fruits or beans at just about every meal, including the P+F meals. Should I attempt to count those carbs into my daily macro allotment for carbs?

  2. And in general, should I only count the macros specific to that type of food, C,P, or F; and not the incidentals? meaning a serving of almonds will also have protein and carbs, about 6g each. Should I ignore the other macros and just consider the fat content?

Thanks for the advice

Ever thought of asking him those questions?

No…I didnt realize I could do that! How do I?

Go to his web site?