Massive Eating questions

I am looking at the Massive Eating plan, and had some questions.
In another article, Berardi shows a meal plan that has proteins, fats, and then beans. He says this is ok because the basis for Massive Eating is to avoid EXCESSIVE carbs and fats in the same meal. So, what is the limit? Could I have a tuna salad sandwich on some whole-grain bread with light mayo? Whole mayo? Can I have chili with meat and kidney beans? Which meal would this be? If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. I looked at the article on eating on the go,and some of the meals they recommend have around 50 g protein, 30-40 g carbs, and about 15 g fat. Is this a good guideline for some meals while on Massive Eating? My main concern is not being satisfied with a meal that has no fat to keep me full. Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Protein and fat meals need to have less than 10g of Carbs. Protein and carb meals need to have LESS than 10g of fat! (15g is too much) READ “THE ESSENTIAL BERARDI” it has all the guidlines listed.