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Massive Eating Questions

this topic has probably been beat to death, but I have to ask. Concerning massive eating, how would you structure the nutrient timing if you train first thing in the morning. I wake up at 6 am and I’m at the gym by 7. I have to have solid food in the morning, should this meal be p+c or p+f?

My next question is what are some better options for fats? I have tried olive oil, mixed nuts, avocado and fish oil, but they all have pit falls. Should I be taking olive oil shooters or licking my plate after meals? Is the sardine taste supposed to hang with you the rest of the day? Will the explosive diarrhea from eating good quantities of mixed nuts go away after awhile? Maybe a few years?

I know someone will suggest using the search engine/rereading the articles, I have done both and if anything I am more lost. thanks for the help.

Have a p+c meal in the morning. It is good to have more carb meals earlier in the day and it will be especially beneficial since you lift in the morning.

Also, I have never heard of explosive diarrhea from nuts. How much are you eating? Are you sure it is not something else causing it?

as a general rule, protein goes with every meal.

Eat carbs in the morning and pre/post workout to spike insulin, then switch over to fat in the afternoon/evening depending on the degree of carb restriction. If you can, try to avoid mixing large quantities of fat/carbs in the same meal.

as far as fats are concerned, olive oil is my mainstay. I mix it in with a shake maybe twice per day. If you buy light olive oil, the taste is easily concealed by whatever powder it’s mixed with.