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Massive Eating Question

I have always wondered if your caloric totals are supposed to include your PWO shake.

For instance, lets say I’m a 180lb person with 14%BF.

Using the ME calculations and the split 40/30/30 I am supposed to eat 3870 calories per day, 387g protein, 290g carbs, and 129g fat.

Now if my PWO shake contains 60g carbs and 25g protein am I supposed to subtract the 60g from my total of 290g and 25g from my total of 387g? So then I would only need to eat 230gs of carbs and 362gs of protein during the day? Or is the PWO shake supposed to be in addition to my total calories and macronutrient breakdown?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks.

Yes its food it counts

Count everything you eat.