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'Massive Eating' Question...

With summer just around the corner, it’s getting a little late to be starting an ‘off-season’… Nevertheless, I’m going to be trying the ‘Growth Surge’ routine(s) combined with ‘Massive Eating’ in an attempt to add some muscle (and hopefully not too much fat). The one big x-factor in the ‘Massive Eating’/‘Growth Surge’ equation, though, is fiber.

Most likely, JB is one step ahead of me, and there’s already a built-in factor to account for fiber (~x% * carbs = fiber, etc.). However, since I eat ultra-clean, I’d really like to know what that assumed percentage is. Virtually all of my non-training (non-Surge) carbs come from brown, long-grain rice and sprouted-grain flourless bread (don’t ask how you make ‘flourless’ bread, because I have no idea; the brand is “Ezekiel” bread). Of course, I also get some carbs from lettuce, spinach, etc. (but those caloric quantities are obviously rather negligable).

Basically, I’m guessing that I eat a lot more fiber than the equation(s) are estimating that the typical trainee would be eating. Therefore, I’m going to be so bold as to assume that, in my case, I’d need to use a larger number for my caloric intake than even the ‘Massive Eating’ equation recommends.

Any feedback from JB or anyone else would be greatly appreciated (I’m planning to start on Saturday)!

JB’s actually really big on fiber, particularly when dieting. I know, at that time, he recommends a absolute minimum of 20g/day, preferrably 40-50g. His fiber sources, as I recall, are primarily mixed veggies, beans, nuts and oats.

Anyway, chances are that you’re not eating any more fiber than JB would expect of you, because he expects you to eat as clean as you describe.

Klinky-Dink: Exactly like the Ikester said, you’re probably not eating much more fiber than JB or most of us on a moderate carb diet would consume.

The issue that you raise is–to borrow a word from TC–minutia. That is, fuggetaboutit.

JB’s caloric recommendations are a really good starting point, and are actually a little heftier than most would be accustomed to. So, if you’re starting out at the prescribed Massive Eating caloric recommendations–every day–then you should be good-to-go, bruh. If it’s not enough, crank it up!

The food choices (i.e. carbs) recommended by JB, Foods that Make you Look Good Nekid, and the majority of the T-Folk, are very generous in fiber content, and for very good reason.

Colonel: It’s never too late for a bulking cycle! For the last two years, I’ve done my bulking in the summer, and cutting in the winter. Why, you ask? …because I’m an idiot.

I love getting softer in the summer… for all the ladies at the beach. And everyone loves my six pack, all bundled up under three sweatshirts in the winter. MMM…I love being me. Always thinking ahead!

I’m starting my next bulking cycle in about two weeks, so that will put me finishing around the end of April, so I’m early this year. Always learning.

Who needs JB any longer when his readers can answer questions more completely than he can!

It turns out the some people actually do read his articles. Right on guys.

Shit, guys. JB is going to find out some of us are stalking him…

Say, JB, how much would you wager is too much fiber? Due to my newfound love for All Bran Extra Fiber, my daily quotient has been around 70g or so. Is this a problem, provided I don’t mix my fiber and my EFAs?

Ike, he likes the attention:-) 'Twas great to have The Myth himself stop by and pay a visit.

B, you had me rollin’, buddy. Starting with Colonel all the way through your schematic cutting and gaining phases.

Bras, I know you weren’t necessarily looking for my input, but I think your fiber intake as such is good-to-go. I’m pretty keen on Fiber One myself. Despite the appearance of rabbit terds, the taste is rather appealing.

I know. It’s almost an addiction. It doesn’t really taste…good, but it doesn’t taste bad either. Maybe I just like the fact that it’s a considerable mass I can put in my stomach while only consuming 50 calories.