Massive Eating question

For anyone who has a minute, I have a massive eating question. I have all the meals down, that was the easy part. It was constructing a diet planning time schedule that was tricky. I am coming off of a cutting cycle where I was eating like 10 times a day, so I wanted to eat much less frequently to try to improve my insulin levels for the mass phase. I wanted to do 3 PF meals and 3 PC meals, and I usually get up in the middle of the night to, well you know, so it is no trouble to throw down a shake then. Please critique!
6am PF
7am Workout
9am PC
12pm PC
4pm PF
8pm PC
2am PF

Since I am in a mass phase, I am weary to go more than 14 hours without any carbs, that is why there is a PC meal at 8pm. Does this make sense?

Are you counting your post workout shake as the 9am PC meal? My suggestion would be to get in your post-workout shake right after your workout and then have another PC meal 60-90 minutes after your workout.

Directly post workout, I have one serving of Cell-tech (75grams dextrose, 10 grams creatine) mixed with 5g alanine, 5g glutamine, & 5g branch chains. Then, about 30 minutes later I drink 1 full serving of N-Large2 (52g protein, 89g carbs) mixed with an extra 50g of whey protein.

If that post-workout strategy is working for you, then great. I also see no problem with the PC meal in the evening as you are on a bulking cycle.

Just a thought, have you read the T-mag article “Testosterone Unleashed” by Lonnie Lowery? He talks about having all of your PC meals first in the day, and all PF meals later in the day as a way of freeing up bound testosterone…sounds wacky but he had some good theories to back it up…give it a read.

I bet you would have a better workout as well if your first meal was PC instead of PF. Berardi has mentioned this a few times, if you’re working out in the morning, get the glycogen stores up QUICK. PC is also faster digesting, so it won’t bog you down during your workout like a PF can do (especially if it’s only an hour after).

Of course it depends on the person but I doubt you would have any negative effects corrrelated to really low carbs through the evening, the high carbs during the day will contribute enough to glycogen storage to alleviate low-carb feelings in the evening.

I thought Berardi said to eat a PF meal Preworkout to avoid a rebound hypoglycemic effect of lethargy & fatigue.

Tatsuo, I think we are both right. He told me in an email that he eats a PF 2hrs before his workout, but it’s not first thing in the day. I believe his exception exists for those working out early, before they have had a chance to replenish glycogen that has been depleted significantly during sleep. Have you tried sipping on a shake during your workout? Whenever my girlfriend makes me get my ass out of bed early to workout, I’ll have a quick liquid PC, and then sip on another during my workout…and of course another one after. I think what it comes down to is seeing which way makes you feel strongest, most energetic.