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Massive Eating question

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if there is a limit on how many fat or carbohydrate grams can be eaten in a single meal? In order for me to get enough calories and eat around 7 times per day (about every 2 1/2 hours), I would need to eat around 125 grams of carbs for my protein + carb meals and 40 grams of fat in my protein + fat meals. Is this OK or do I need to start eating smaller and more frequent meals?

In your protein and fat meal you can have a few carbs, I believe he recommended no more than ten grams. Likewise, in your carb and protein meals you can have a few grams of fat. I take in ~8 grams with my oatmeal and protein powder.

Sorry, I misread your question. I don’t believe he has specifically addressed upper limits per meal. You may want try increasing your number of meals if the amount of food per meal seems too high, it wouldn’t hurt. However, you could always experiment and see if you’re putting on too much fat and then adjust accordingly if it would be difficult to increase your number of meals initially.

That is a very vague question, a good one, just too general. It depends on body type, physical activity, time of day, meal frequency. For example, eating calcium caseinate protein will produce a stagered release, where whey protein absorbs very fast. Even constant exercise can acidify someones stomach acids and affect digestion (use alkaseltzer, or sodium bicarbonate to aid in better digestion). Eating a 2000 calorie meal for thanksgiving would be absobed much defferently than slaming a 2000 calorie weight gain shake. A general rule of thumb is 20-40 grams of protein per meal and about 500 calories per meal. If you eat more than 500 in a setting, take your time… listen to some Mozart during dinner if you need to. And eat sitting up. So if you are on a 3000 calorie per day diet, spread it out among 5-6 meals. Higher calorie diets would obviously have higher calories per meal due to some of the factors above. Lower calorie diets should be spread out among 300 calorie servings. The question is just to vague… 40 grams of fat in your protein ??? hmmm… sounds like a personal problem :wink: