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Massive Eating Question and Plan

Massive Eating says that you should separate your fats and carbs. Well my breakfast and lunch are my carb meal and my dinner is my fat meal (Snacks follow 2-3 hours after a meal and are the same as the meal 2 carb snacks and 1 fat).

He also says to eat animal proteins at each meal for for breakfast when i eat my four eggs this adds 20 g of fat to it should i just tnot worry about it or should I separate the yolk from the eggs and eat the egg whites.

Here is also my eating plan I am 135 5"7 6% BF trying to gain some mass.

Breakfast - 4 eggs, salad, fruit

Snack Post workout - Shake of egg white protein with bananas strawberies blueberies

Lunch - Buffalo patty with either a bowl of brown rice or two pieces of whole wheat bread with a salad and fruits

Snack - eggwhite protein with some 2 apples

Dinner - Buffalo patty or chicken breast with avacado and one piece of fruit

Snack - glass of milk with a cup of nuts usually almonds or macademian nuts

Iam slowly tryign to increase my calories next week iam going to add one more serving of chicken or buffalo to lunch and dinner. Am I doing this right do I need to add more of something or take something away?

hiya typhoon, in revieweing your diet, not only are you not getting in enough overall calories, but I don’t see a single protein + fat only meal. Your dinner meal (buffalo patty with avocado and fruit) is certainly not carb free. And to answer your question, yes eat egg whites for breakfast rather than whole eggs.

Try something like this:

breakfast - 12 egg whites + oatmeal w/ fruit

snack/post-workout - Surge followed by another serving 90 minutes later

lunch - turkey sandwich on whole grain bread + apple + glass of milk

snack - 5 ounces cottage cheese + 1 can of peaches

dinner = 14 ounces steak + broccoli

pre-bedtime - 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow! + 5 fish oil caps + 1 tbs olive oil

thanks a lot Ill try that

it gets expensive by the way. You will be eating a lot more than you are used to. I started eating huge (I get around 3500, 4000) and I still feel stuffed sometimes when the next meal rolls around.

I don’t know why but I really like the seperation of fats and carbs. I just like the way it works out for me for some reason. I think I am even losing my love handles even with this excess calorie intake.

See my post on the DIFFICULTY GAINING WEIGHT thread. You need to identify your goal and stick to it. Your diet is very healthy, but I doubt you will ever gain weight eating this few calories. Don’t worry so much about the egg thing-egg yolks have kind of a bad rap that isn’t deserved. Dietary cholesterol has far less to do with CV disease than saturated fat and eggs don’t really have that much fat in them when compared to other foods. They also have many cardio-protective nutrients such as natural Vitamin E.

Good Luck!