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Massive Eating Priorities

In this week’s issue re: John B’s eating plans it has the food categories listed with items in priority. Thus I should be eating eggs and cottage cheese before protien powders for example. In the carbs section - Veggies, beans, FRUIT and then oatmeal.

MY Question - doesn’t fruit have a LOT of sugars that will mess up the insulin loads vs. veggies and oatmeals. Any advice on which fruits are best? What about dried fruits - does one prune count like 1 plum for example?

I don’t want to get anal about all this, but the priorities weren’t what I expected. Can John B comment on the relative importance or value of each item in the categories. Are eggs twice as good as chicken? thanks.

I wouldn’t worry too much about protien sources, just get a good variety and enough of them. As for fruit, read Cy’s “Forbidden(sp?) Fruit” article.