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massive eating on a college budget

Anyone have that link for massive eating on a college budget ? I searched and searched but I’m not seeing it.


School Days, by Steve Berardi http://t-mag.com/html/body_133sch.html [Part 1]

http://t-mag.com/html/body_134sch.html [Part 2]

Good luck; it’s a challenge. :slight_smile:

Thanks for those urls, but for some reason I thought there was another article I saw before other than these. Thanks though !

EC’s article

Damn, Brent, wanna be prez of my fan club?:slight_smile:

Brett, thanks. That is the article I was pretaining to.



Yes! I will be the prez. We can have cookouts with maximum muscularity for the meal selections and then discuss the rotator cuff while watching my fantasy team lose aftert the cookout. The fun that will be had by all when I’m the prez.