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Massive Eating on a Budget

there is no way i can afford to buy 300-350gms of protein/day(whole food or powders). i can do the carbs but its going to be ALOT of oatmeal! im wondering if i can alter the macronutrient profile and still see decent results.
i would rate myself as insulin sensitive. i can eat whatever i want all day and not gain fat at all(of course ive never tried this without training…).
last sept i started eating around 5000kcals/day and got my body weight up from 195-208 in a little over 3 months. albeit, it was probably the first time i ever ate “enough” since i began training.
my diet consisted mostly of whey proteing, 2% milk, oatmeal and olive/canola oil. i would make a 3000kcal shake and just sip on it all day(put it in an empty milk jug) and then eat whatever else i wanted(usually lots of chicken fajitas as my little bro worked at taco-bell!)
my macronutrient breakdown was typically/avg
fats:250gms(mostly from oliveoil)

as i said i got good results with this and was eating everything together P+C+F at every meal. my body weight was up and i actually looked leaner.
do you think i can get away with this type of lower protein intake as long as i am ending up with the kcals i need(5000)?
also, massive eating recommends more carbs and less fat for insulin sensitive types but adding cap fulls of oliveoil is the easier for me than eating 20cups (as opposed to 10) of oatmeal a day.

what do you guys think?


You’re in luck. Some brilliant guy (who will remain nameless) wrote an article on this very topic. Check it out:


That brilliant guy really knows how to pat himself on the back, doesn’t he?:wink:

Seriously, E-C did a great job with this article and I have used this template since coming across the article when it was first published.

In addition, utilize your computer and Quicken to make things easier and for more tools to analyze.

thanks for the info on the article.

how about my other question of changing the macronutrient percentages. ie, ALOT of calories from fat?

thanks again,

Tuna is cheap as a bitch. By the way look around your city and find a type of grocery outlet of some sort. Back home in WI we have a store called ALDI’s. aka The store of the gods!! Cheap as hell. I beleive there only located in the midwest. And out here in AZ we have another outlet store that sells shit for like half price. It’s only expired by a few days and it’s all non-perishable food itmes. Just a thought. And if your a student GET ON FOOD STAMPS it’s easier than you think!

Start eating eggs. They are dirt cheap, and easy to prepare and can be used many ways.

We’ve got Aldi’s here in PA and I agree, they are great. Especially great are their steak prices… a hell of a lot cheaper than at the butcher counter or even the fresh meat section of grocery stores.