Massive Eating? - OK Now I'm Really Confused

Its widely agreed that insulin is necessary at certain times because of it’s anabolic effect. But most of the time it is desirable to keep insulin levels in check. For these reasons low carb diets aren’t exactly the most productive way to gain mass. Wouldn’t it make sense then to keep carbs to a minimum the majority of the time, and eat them only during and after a workout when high insulin levels are desirable.

It’s just that for a few weeks now I’ve been trying some of the carb/protein meals specified in some of the Massive Eating threads and I can’t tolerate them at all. If I eat protein and carbs by themselves then it’s goodnight, cause I’m going to sleep. I feel like someone has slipped me sleeping tab.

However if I eat meals predominately made up of fat and protein with only small amounts of fibrous carbs (like veges and fruit) then I feel terrific.

I think the calorie recommendations of the diet sound about right but I can’t for the life of me function properly on the way the meals are tailored in the article. ie/ protein/carb meals.

Anyone have any insight on this? Or anyone else feel the same way?