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Massive Eating: Off Days?


i was wonderin how to do this.

i would train 3 days a week with (just for the sake of an example) 1000 cals burned. now do i add the cardio cals on off days to the regime and eat like that or just follow my eating plan for weight+cardio everyday?


What's your tendency for weight gain?

Do you gain weight like a field mouse? ie none. Or like a Fat sloth-like couch potato? ie alot? Or somewhere in between?

Best thing to do would be to try it and see what works the best.

An excess of calories will lead to increase weight gain, short term, but will go a long way towards developing massive muscles mass.

It really depends on how easily you can gain and get rid of excess weight.

Don't be such a Nancy Boy. Adapt and change. You'll succeed.


im not so sure. this is just my first time bulking and stumbled across a question when trying to figure out the calorie requirements for off days+cardio.

also, how are u supposed to have cottage cheese as ur bedtime meal, if im supposed to have a p+f meal as my last meal? it has 4g carb per serving.

say i have 1.5 cups of c.c. with 52g pro, 12g carb, and (example, not sure how much fat) say, 16g fat. will that 12g carb effect me at all?


How much do you weigh, dude?


12grams of carbs are allmost nonexistant.. . dont worry about it. ..


its weird, during my creatine cycle, i weighed 170 w/o any creatine for 2 weeks. and just last week, i started going on it again and now, i weigh 177. so im basically saying i weigh 170 due to the water retention.

so 12g is okay to eat before bed then? what about 14?



Try 16.

Really @ 170 and doing massive eating you should not be THAT anal about it. Your burning more than that many carb fretting about eating them.

The guidlines are something to shoot for. Limit the fats with the carbs. As in No doughnuts. But going over with good carbs and Good fats a tad is NOT going to hurt you.


cool, thx friend!


No prob. I suggest you stop stressing the small stuff. Just do waht you have learned and relax a bit. Attack the weights and eat right and for your goals.