Massive Eating... No PB Sandwiches?

So I was reading the Massive Eating protocol by Berardi and as most of you know, a lot of the program is built on the notion of P+C separate from P+F. BUT GAIZZZ!!! I LOVE PB SANDWICHES. I’m not going to eat as many calories as the article suggests because I know it is geared towards those who have trouble gaining weight…I’m not one of them. I will be eating about 500cals above maintenance. I do have a tendency to have higher carb protein meals early in the day…higher fat protein ones later…and simple carb protein meals pwo. But…I do like to include peanut butter with breakfast…or have peanut butter sandwiches on ezekiel bread throughout the day…perhaps one sandwich a day. I’m nitpicking here…but after reading a lot of Lyle Mcdonalds stuff and reading a lot of what you guys eat…it’s safe to say that most on here aren’t making huge efforts to avoid fats with carbs except perhaps PWO.

While in a deficit, I can see this meaning much less though…deficit one will lose weight regardless, maybe not as best as possible. But will still. However, in a surplus…is there real merit to this non-pairing of energy macronutrients?? I’m finding it hard to believe that the body works as simply as: Oh no carbs and fat…spike insulin…store the fat. But the fact that there is a state of surplus…maybe it can make the difference between a lot of fat gain or moderate/little fat gain.

I know this has been discussed before…but…I still couldn’t find any definitive answers…atleast even close to definitive…

Congrats. You are now at the point where your theoretical has surpassed your practical.

Before you read anything else, remember to stick to basics.

Things like you just read, are to be used when you are stuck. Haven’t lost a pound in three weeks? Gaining weight whole supposedly in maintenance? Etc

ALWAYS stick to basics.

When you get stuck, then start using micro/ macro nutrition tips, carb cycling, keto, etc

There’s not much scientific basis to it, even Berardi has drifted away from those recommendations in recent years. Eat as many PB sandwiches as you want as long as it fits within your calorie plans.

Thanks a lot guys…Appreciate the practical advice.