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Massive Eating Nausea

I’ve been on massive eating for six days now, and I’m training with GVT. I’m managing to get all the food down, but I keep getting really nauseated - like to the point that I have to lay dawn so I don’t throw up. Anyone else having this problem? Does it go away with time? The early morning meals are the worst for me.

What kind of macro breakdown are you using? I find that high fat/lower carb kills my appetite. I got sick trying the bulking version of the Anabolic Diet for that I reason.

As for morning meals, I do much better with a protein/carb shake first thing in the morning. I don’t feel like solid food that early either. Two hours or so later I’ll have solid food, usually a fat/protein meal.

How many cals are you taking in? Maybe you should ease back a few hundred for now. I’ve heard some say the stomach “stretches” out after a while. I guess that’s true to an extent. Still, I think as long as you’re eating over maintenance, there’s no real need to gorge yourself so much. What are your goals here?

Chris-on the flipside, do you think it’s normal to have absolutely no problem eating 4500 calories a day, all whole foods (though one added protein shake to a whole food meal). Everyone seems to be complaining of nausea and stuff, but I’m loving it

I had been using the 50% protein, 35% fat, 15% carb breakdown since I think I am carb sensitive, but I was really suffering stuffing all that meat so I switched (today) to 40/30/30.
Using JMB’s calculations I got a total of 3382.8 calories that I should be eating per day. Yesterday was the first day I actually got it all down.
My goal is to put on some muscle during GVT. I’m not sure how much muscle because I’ve never done high volume training before and I’ve never really eaten a positive caloric balance - been focused on losing fat for a very long time. I’m also getting really hot and sweaty like I’m on T2, but I’ve been off that and MD6 for a couple of weeks now.

That’s probably a blessing, John, given the fact that most people have a tough time taking in enough cals. Everyone is different, but most people have a hard time being consistent with high calories, assuming their sticking to some sort of proper diet. 5000 plus cals would be no problem for me if I could eat Chinese food and pizza all day, but obviously I’d get fat. 5000 cals of good protein, complex carbs and mostly healthful fats would be tough though to do consistently, especially if not mixing fats and carbs. (And yes, a calorie is a calorie, but in my observation you can eat more without getting fat when using the Massive Eating guidelines. People tend to drop fat on their previous maintenance intakes too.)

When I’m overeating on purpose I use a lot of calorically dense shakes made with natural peanut butter to get in all the cals. Another thing I eat when on a bulking phase are precooked hamburger patties which have almost 300 cals each, no carbs. A couple of those topped with fat free cheese and pickles makes a good protein/fat meal (almost 50g of protein.) Obviously, I don’t mind a little “bad” fat in my diet.

Ironbabe- You are my freakin’ hero. I will henceforth direct all 140 pound skinny guys who say they can’t eat enough to your posts and make them feel ashamed that a girl is kicking their bony asses with her dedication and overall chewing ability! And doing GVT to boot!

I think the new macro split will help you out and if not, I think you’d do fine on 3000-3100. Keep us posted.

And I’m sending you a medium sized T-mag shirt to wear to the gym. Just promise me you’ll cut it off short so we can still see your butt. And may I suggest stiff leg deadlifts to go along with your hamstring curls. :wink:

Thank you Chris, I’ll wear it proudly. And thank you for the compliments, you sure do know how to make a girl blush. :slight_smile: