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Massive Eating: My Diet Outlined

OK, I’ve had a few requests to post my massive eating diet … I’d love some criticism as I know it’s not perfect. I gave up on trying for a pure 40/30/30 ratio because I couldn’t seem to get it to work … maybe my next attempt will be closer. Right now I’m 5’10", 165, and just under 11% body fat. Over the past two months I’ve lost about 6 pounds of fat, but my weight hasn’t changed, so I guess that means I put on 6 pounds of muscle. But I want to get bigger! So with this diet, I am upping calories by almost 1,000 a day. I’m also supplementing with tribex, androsol (cycle), and creatine. Just got through 4 weeks of T2 and MD6 too. Enjoy!

MEAL ONE (8 am) Nex-Rx Shake, 2.5 cups skim milk, Banana MEAL TWO (10 am) 5 whole eggs, 2 ct. American cheese, 1 tbsp. butter, Splash of skim milk MEAL THREE (POST WORKOUT) (12:30 pm) Surge MEAL FOUR (3:00 pm) 1 cup rice, ½ can tuna, ½ can corn, Teriyaki Sauce MEAL FIVE (5:00 pm) (wild card – usually protein and fat) 1 can tuna, Mayo MEAL SIX (7:00 pm) (most carbs here are dietary fiber) 6 tbsp. Natural Peanut Butter MEAL SEVEN (9:00 pm) Nex-Rx Shake, 2.5 cups skim milk MEAL Eight (11:00 pm) Fat Free Yogurt

OVERALL TOTALS 372g protein, 508.5g carbs, 86.5g fat, 4,065 total calories.

Looks solid, aside from the 6 tbsp peanut butter at once. But if it works for you than that’s cool. A few suggestions though. I’d move your post-post workout meal an hour earlier. Second, you might want to consider having some cottage cheese rather than yogurt before shutting it down for the night. I think it’s a good idea to keep any insulin spike to a minimum prior to sleep.

Holy shit! You’re an animal!! Seems like you could use some veggies in there G-spot. And maybe nix the p/c meal before bed - go straight protein and/or add some good fat. Most of the fats in there are O6’s, consider adding some flax or fish caps.

Dude-your diet looks good! Perhaps your inability to gain weight/size lies not with your diet but with your training? How many days per week are you training and what is your total set volume like?

Thanks for the input guys … as for flax oil, I may down some with my morning eggs and peanut butter fix. I started this thing on Monday. I’m already up 2 pounds, but admittedly, feel fat. I’m going to give it a go for 2 weeks and see how it goes. Let’s see how memorial weekend treats me! Oh, I’m doing Ian King’s 12-week upper body program, and a decent leg workout. I do two days on, one day off. (Every other off day is cardio.) Oh, and I do abs (heavy, 10 sets of 8-10 reps) on leg days. Thanks!

Wheres the beef??? :wink: It looks light compared to my bulking diet but its no doubt superior because I dont count cals etc. After my pw meal and 5pm I go for meals of just beef of chicken or tuna or protain shakes with maybe some flax. And I stay away from milk except on rare occasions early in the day - it tastes nice but can make your skin thicker or puffier and just gives too greater insulin spike. Like arnold said in pumping iron “milk is for babies, when you grow up you must drink beer” :).

LOL … yeah Dre, I grew up drinking about 3/4 gallon of milk a day, and that was 2%!! Can you say baby fat!! I quite simply couldn’t enjoy my shakes without it, except Surge. As for the meal after the post-workout Surge (like an hour later) I thought it was good to have carbs and protein … granted, all the reading I do here at T-mag sometimes gets mixed up and I forget things. Set me straight! As for beef and chicken … yes, I do eat that for my 5pm meal … I just put the tuna meal in there as a sample … it changes every night, either tuna & mayo, or chicken & cheese, or a nice big-ass steak. Almost always it is protein & fat. Will add some flax to it as well. Thanks!