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Massive eating meal combos

This is mainly for John Berardi, though others can chime in. I just came off my gaining phase(using massive eating obviously) and started to cut up last week, I am sticking with the massive eating princibles, but I wanted to know how retroactive it would be is I kept doing every other meal P+F, rather than doing the first three of the day P+C and the last three P+F. I find that I can’t stand the way I feel lagging in the afternoon and evening hours. I already feel like I am leaning up a bit and I upped my cardio as well as reduced the cals. I just need to know if I am hindering the fat loss tremendously by keeping the normal schedule of eating my meal combos. Robusto

Was wondering the same thing myself. JB said the taper (last 3 meals P+F) was optimum for fat loss. I’m using the alternating method u r for the same reason. I know that insulin sensativity is higher in the AM so its better suited for carbs-this could be one of the reasons. Also, going through the whole afternoon/evening without much carbs would give you a longer period of time without the accompanied insulin spike, which would theoretically mean you were buring more fat as an energy source. I’m going to stick with the alternating meals (and quit stimulants) until spring-never hungry eating this way. Would b nice to hear more about this from JB though…

I believe John said that you could what he phrased “stagger” and alternate between P+C & P+F meals. He said you will lean out this way also but it would take longer.

If you eat six meals, consider the following setup: Meal1)PC 2)PC 3)PF 4)PC 5)PF 6)PF. That seems to work well for me. More carbs earlier in the day, with an extra hit early afternoon for some staying power.

So if I was doing the opposite and going for mass gains, alternating(staggering) would be better than Tappering? Or would it matter?

Because I workout in the afternoon/evenings I need a PC meal after (or during and after) so my meals go 1)PC 2)PC 3)PF 4)PF 5)PC 6)PF. I am losing fat very slowly and its hard to be patient. However with the higher cals, my workout haven’t suffered a bit and I’m trying to look at the big picture and make this a lifestyle thing.