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Massive Eating for poor college students?

Hey fellas,

Just wondering what suggestions you guys had for a poor college student living off campus with no meal plan. I need some cheap sources of protein besides whey and I don’t eat seafood. Also, I know this sounds silly, but what does JMB mean when he recommends “8-12oz of lean beef” as part of a protein/fat meal? Is that a steak, ground beef, or what? I know it sounds lame, but I have always had my meals prepared by my mother up to this point, so I am not familiar with this terminology. Thanks, -Epitome

Beef comes in different ratios of leanness. If looking at ground beef look at the label and it will say, for example, 93% lean 7% fat. YOu want to look for something in that range. As far as steak look for any kind of round cut. Other inexpensive sources of protein: eggs, milk, cottage cheese, chicken, etc.

If you want a really cheap source of protein, and are not adverse to canabalism, then come to sometimes sunny Eugene and take back all the hippies you want. The only problem is that each of them only has about 15 lbs of muscle on them, which would end up being a lot of work, skinning and all. Also, their protein might actually estrogenic, due to all the soy in their diets. Another problem, just like stated in the Fat Roundtable, with cattle and chicken, eating them might put your omega-3/6 ratio out of balance. This is because they are probably all full of O-6 EFA’s due to the fact that they eat nothing but grains, and the only grasses that they consume are in brownies and lemon bars. Hope this helps.

First a disclaimer: I am in no way associated with, nor do I earn any amount of income or compensation from sales of the following products or any products from the Vitamin World franchise.
If you sign up for a Vitamin World membership, you can get a permanent 25% discount on everything. Plus if you buy in bulk, you’ll earn bonus points and they’ll send you a “voucher” every month and again every quarter. I’m a college student, and I buy about 4 boxes, 80 packets of the MRP Protoplex Deluxe once every month or two. They cost about $26 each, minus any vouchers and any other sales going on. I get them from anywhere between $1 to $1.30 per packet. That’s not too bad for an extra meal or two a day.
Biotest’s Advanced Protien is great stuff too. It’s just a tad more expensive, but pure protien is key to many diets.
Peanuts make a quick and filling snack too. To put it simply, peanuts help you feel full.
Besides tuna and eggs, I can’t think of cheaper and better sources of T-food.