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Massive Eating & Fats...

When considering fat consumption are EFA’s counted as fats when eating carbs and proteins or are all fats to be avoided with carbs?


Save the EFA’s for the protein/fat meals. JMB even mentions that the purpose of protein/fat meals is to take in healthy quantity/quality of fats. The positive effects of EFA’s (insulin sensitivity, etc) is a long-term effect, not an acute one that is experienced in one meal.

EFA’s are certainly fats and should be eaten with your p+f meals. Remember, though, when I recommend a c+p meal, you dont have to eliminate fat entirely. Just stay under 5grams or so. So if you take a few fish oil caps (or any ol fat) during a c+p meal, it should be just fine. Just dont take too much fat with the p+c meals. Save most of the fat for the p+f meals.