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Massive Eating/Fat Fast Part 2

I saw a question about massive eating and the fat fast diets and I wanted to ask some questions about my plans. After my last cycle of steroids I bulked up to 235 lbs. Currently I’m at 222 lbs. and probably 13-14%. Yes I know I lost a lot of lbs. and it was due to my poor eating habits during my post-cycle. However, I’m now wanting to get leaner (end goal in mind is <8% bodyfat). My plan was to use the fat fast during my next 8 week cycle for 2-3 weeks at the start of it. I figure I’ll be able to keep most of my lbm. After the fast I’ll switch over to massive eating with a surplus of 500 cals/day. I will include cardio after my training workouts throughout the cycle. My goal would be to lose 5-8 lbs. of fat (7-10 total lbs.) during the fast and then gain 15 lbs. lbm with a few lbs. of fat. This is not my only idea in mind to achieve a lower bf %. My other one was to do a 2 on 4 off cycle and fast during the on time. Then during my regular 8 week cycle do massive eating with a 500 cals/day surplus. For my cycle I’ll be using finaplix (1 cc/day) and androsol (140 sprays/day). I want to achieve my goal bf% and then maintain that by only using berardi’s massive eating. If I could get some advice and help with my goals it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.