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Massive Eating /Don't Diet

Following Mr. Berardi’s Massive Eating approach, after a month of precise eating, all I can say is this plan kicks ass. I have of couse added some inches to my waist but it’s worth it (the odd thing is that after a month I am slimmer than at 2 veeks even if I eat like a bull- some adaptation or something took place). I am thinking of swithing to a “Don’t diet” aproach for one month or something in order to lose some of that fat and look best for the beach and stuff… I hope some of you might help on the best way of geting lean after several months of massive eating.
My very best to John Berardi.Keep it up dude.

I found the calories for don’t diet plan to be way to high but I still use the massive eating/don’t diet principles of combining meals.

Same for me molsonman. JB’s concept for “don’t diet” is great but the calories are just too much for me.

Massive eating for dummies: I need 5700 calories when I’m bulking. I’ve thought about the theory, and I can’t see why I can’t just have fat meals instead of P+F meals - I mean, casein will be in my system for a loooong time after the P+C meals. Ready for my meal plan? 11.5L of skim milk (600g C, 400g P) during P+C. Then I need 190g of fats. Whee, massive eating for dummies! (PS: for fun, you can always calculate your calorie needs in litres of skim milk - 5700 is just over 16 litres! Heh) - PS, I’m not going to do this … I only supplement with milk (2L a day or so)

Cripes. To get 190g of fat, I’d have to eat 38 whole eggs every day. Can you say Metamucil??? {I know, I know, it’s supposed to be “good” fats …}