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Massive Eating Diet + Small Capacity Toilet


hm. something i'm noticing now that i eat more, is that i shit A LOT.

you may think i'm just being crass. maybe i am. that's ok.

but how many of you have clogged your toilets when you flushed them, and had to go get a wire hanger?

i have learned an important lesson: do not crap in my toilet if there is already toilet paper in there. flush it, then crap.

i'm going to tell you, the way i have been eating, if there is toilet paper in it before i start, it's going to plug EVERY SINGLE TIME.

it's partially due to the fact that i live in an apt. complex and have an inexpensive toilet that just isn't of large capacity. it also isn't one of those "sucks you down with the water" super high suction toilets.

plugged toilets.

who else??


I used to shit about once a week.

After two weeks of eating more than a couple of packs of Ramen noodles each day, I'm shitting several times a day.


Now you know very well, Massive Eating by its corollory name - Massive Shitting!


DUDE, My shit blocks the toilet all the time, thats why the plunger in my bathroom is one of the best purchases, i cant believe how small the hole in the bowl in the apt complex is. I dont know how anyone shits without blocking it. I get pretty happy when I flush and it doesnt block, it makes me feel happy, lol lol.

Seriously man, I shit bricks, and block it all the time, kinda embarassing, so i flush and run when i use public ones, hahahaha. It might have to do with the fact I am 6ft7 and weigh 285 lbs, but i still dont get it.


Wire hanger? That's a good idea. I block my toilet regularly and have to run outside to get a stick!


Eww a wire hanger?

Dude goto the dollar store and buy a 2.00 plunger instead of wasting your hangers on shit.

The new standard in toilet design is the 1G and 2-3G flushes. Now you can pick which one you want to use. That toilet is expensive but the new trend.

Also the new ones are supposedly able to take 25-40 golfballs all in one flush. talk about a insoluble media.

Back on topic when I was bulking I was shitting a ton. Not just once, but 2-4 times a day. Had horrible gas too from all the protein. Enough to run people out of the room. It was sweet in a movie theater.


So what do you do with the coat hanger after you have broken up the log jam with it?


Hang it back in the wardrobe?


I fart so damn much, too.