Massive Eating Critique Needed

K, here’s what I have so far:

6:00 - 10 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 apple
9:00 PWO shake (Surge)
11:00 - cottage cheese, banana
1:00 - egg whites, either fiber 1 or 2 pieces whole wheat toast
3:00 - 1 can tuna fish, Udo’s oil, greens
5:00 - cottage cheese, mixed nuts
7:00 - salmon or chicken, veggies, flax oil
9:00 - casein based protein, 1/2 tbsp Udo’s oil

How does this look for a bulk? Will keep the times and meals the same, but add more as weeks progress. Comments

Good choices, ransomed! Excellent, in fact.

Track your progress with a food log(though it sounds like you do already) so that you can adjust and tweak as needed.

You may also want to track your BF% along with your weight to make sure you’re putting on an acceptable ratio of LBM to FM.

Food choices look good, but:

  1. Without knowing your basic caloric needs, it’s difficult to say this is enough…just make sure you’re eating more than you’re burning (eating above basline energy demands).

  2. For bulk, you might consider more carbs. I like the way you tapered carbs as the day goes on, but you did it too early…eat more P+C meals.

  3. You may want to switch to a more dense form of carbohydrates like white rice (or even brown rice). It’s tough to get enough carbs to effectively bulk up when you’re eating oatmeal, apples, and vegetables. Potatoes and pasta are also good examples.

  4. As far as a carb/protein/fat needs, I’ve found a good starting point for bulking cycles to be 40-50% calories from carbs, 30-40% calories from protein, and 20% calories from fats.

  5. As always, this is a generalization and your requirements might be unique.

Your training and rest also have to be on target to bulk up, keep that in mind.

Best wishes.

Well, as an update, i’m up almost 2 lbs in a little less than 2 weeks. Is this about right?


Nice and clean diet - I like to see that. Some BB/lifters think they can eat garbage when they bulk, just because they aren’t watching their BF.

I would like to add to a previous comment - unless you have some specific problems/needs (diabetic, slow metabolism like me) I would also recommend a large low-fat, protein + carb meal, but at an hour post-w/o (600-700 cals +). The carbs should be mostly higher GI, but healthy like fruit and even the occasional bagel.

I have also seen some research that a large influx of protein post-w/o does wonders for starting anabolic responses (protein synthesis, HGH, T-levels). Depending on LBM, weight, and GI efficiency, you could easily take in 60, 70, 80 or so grams and you would be fine. Eating this much protein after the hour or two post-w/o probably would result in GI upset.

I am finding particular success with 60-70 grams of protein from ground round or sirloin, but this is not a low-fat meat (but, I think beef is especially good for bulking cycles). So, I get high-GI carbs from my post-w/o whey + dextrose, and only eat veggies with the beef. Then, later in the evening I hit some low-GI carbs like popcorn.

Also, I am finding that pre-w/o fuel is actually MORE important than post w/o, especially from the anti-catabolic camp. So, I would either make a liquid breakfast and then workout imediately, or eat a regular breakfast early, then hit the weights 2-3 hours later (in your case), but still consume a pre-w/o shake. I find the same ingredients as the post w/o (whey + dex) are great. I drink it immediately prior to warming up. As long as your w/o is over in 45 minutes, you really don’t need one during the bout - just hit the whey + dex afterwards.

Just some more ideas for you to ponder… But, I think just upping your low-fat, high-GI carbs within an hour or your w/o alone will be a big help.