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Massive Eating Carb Question

After making calculations on the Massive Eating article my calorie intake comes close to 4000 cals. Since I am following a 50% carb intake as one of the plans suggested in the article, after the post-workout drink(which turns out to have 53gm of carbs according to my weight)I have 447 grams! of carbs left for 2 more protein/carb meals. If I divide it by those 2 extra Protein/Carb meals, it would yield around 224 grams of Carbs on each meal. That seems very high, so I was just making sure that I was on the right track, or is that too high and miscalculated? If it is wrong, any suggestions will be greatly welcomed.



id like to see this answered myself as i posted a question very similar to this a lil while back and never got an adequate answer…anyone?

If you go back and re-read the recommendations you will see that I suggest that only if you have good insulin sensitivity might you want to try higher carbs (like 50%). In this situation, I also say that you will probably eat more p+c meals and less p+f meals in this situation. So you’re not really understanding the premise. The diet has to be individualized for your needs. So once you know the important physiological variables only then can you design the approach. And it probably makes sense (I forgot to mention this in my article) that for guys up around 4000Kcal you probably need to eat a few more meals (like 2 more). So there is no rigid 3 meals p+c and 3 meals p+f rule.

Mr. Berardi,

Thanks for the reply. I see what you are saying. I was taking things a bit too literally. I chose the 50% carb since I believe I fall in that category of insulin sensitivity. I appreciate your advice, and I will make adjustments accordingly.