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Massive eating\ Bulking

I started my transition weighing 153lb, 5 weeks ago. I was increasing my cals by 350 a week. last week was the first week i hit over my maintenence caloric level. now on the last thread i was told that if im gaining more then a 1lb a week to cut down by 250 cals, and i did that, but i realiaze this is under my maintnence intake (according to Berardi). however i weighed 178 today, and a week and a half ago when i was tested i weighed 168, and i had put on 12 lb of lean muscle. Does this mean my maintence intake is lower because im still gaining weight? in this situation should i up my cals still?
It just doesn’t seem right that im trying to put on weight, and im under the amount of cals im supposto have to sustain. thanx

Either you did youre math wrong, which isnt likely unless your a women hahah…sorry girls, OR did you happen to be on a low/no carb diet? Could be water/glycogen stores replenishing themselves, post some numbers for us on what youre eating, plus just have youreself tested again, if you have no fat gain, keep going…

Are you weighing yourself the same way, at the same time, on the same machine? If so, I don’t see what the problem could be. You put on 10 lbs. in a week and a half. That is exceptional. Plus you have increased 25 lbs. in 5 weeks. Not bad at all.

Unless you are satisfied with your current weight, I would say keep going. Of course, if you are getting fat you might want to cut back as well.

i feel like a fat slob, but i got calipped at 7.7 a week and half ago. Im holding a substantial amount of water. i was thinkning about geting tested again friday. and yes, i get tested same time same day, same machine, and same calipers i do both. But i was thinkning rite off the bat those first weeks was glycogen\water gain, but its only 2 days into the wek…i could still blast my cals up by 350…what do u think. I put on weight VERY easily so i just have to watch out. and to the first guy that posted, sorry dont kno ur name, i only eat clean foods. Jack up the cals or stay???
According to berardi massive eating, eventually im suppose to get up to 4500 cals on days that i lift and train bjj. rite now, this week im going 3600 cals on the days i train both, 3400 on lifting days, even though yesterday i had 3500 because i got hungry had to throw in an extra meal, and on off days im lined up to consume 3200 this week