Massive Eating and Protein Pulse

Hey guys, just finished reading the new Protien Puslse diet in this months issue, and I was wondering what you all thought. I am planning on staring my cycle soon and was going to use the diet described in the Growth Surge Project, which is the Massive Eating diet but with a few alterations basically a little less cal during a pre cycle priming stage, a little more cal during my cycle and regular massive eating after the cycle. Now I just read this Protein Surge diet and I had an idea…eating as in the GSP for the first two stages, and for the recovery stage, switching the the Protein Pulse diet. Just curious as to what you all think. Mr. Roberts your opinion means alot to me so I would really appreciate your input. And just for the record, my priming stage is 2wks, growth surge stage is going to be 6-7wks, and my recovery stage will last 4wks. Thanks everyone, and remember, the more responces the better.